Hi! My name is Karen Martin, and I’ve been writing for nonprofits for 12 years.

I know you want to be a successful and efficient nonprofit director. In order to do that, you need appeal letters that raise money. But you have too much on your plate to write the appeal yourself, and those canned letters the print shop provides just aren’t raising the money you need.

You feel frustrated because you know people would give if they just understood your mission. It shouldn’t be this difficult to send an appeal letter that gets results.

I understand. As a former nonprofit director, I remember what it feels like to have to count nickels and the disappointment of fundraising appeals that flopped.

Here’s what I’ve learned: People only make a decision to donate when their emotions are involved.

When I started using time-tested copywriting and storytelling techniques in my clients’ appeal letters, they got better results. I can do the same for you.

All you have to do is:

1. Schedule a free Donor Communications Consultation.
2. Let me write your next appeal.
3. Sit back, relax and watch the donations roll in!

When you let me write your appeal letter, you won’t have to feel stressed around
appeal time or disappointed by lackluster results. Instead, you’ll feel confident knowing you’ve put it in the hands of a professional writer, and you can start looking forward to celebrating with your staff when your appeal meets your goal.

Our first step is a 10-15 minute Donor Communications Consultation by phone. This is free for you — so even if you don’t end up hiring me, you’ll walk away with a valuable tool you can use in all your donor communications.

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