Legacy Donor Thank Yous

You know how important donor thank-you letters are. You’ve heard the stats about how donors give more when they feel appreciated. You’ve read the studies on how donors increase their annual giving after making a charitable gift in their estate plan.

So you know you need to thank your legacy donors — more than once!

But… those thank you letters don’t write themselves do they? If you’re battling writer’s block, here’s something that might help:

20 Opening Lines
to Start Your Donor Thank-Yous

Enter your name and email below to access the PDF. Then print it, cut out the 20 cards, and put your 20 starting lines in an envelope or small box. Next time you’ve got a donor thank-you letter to write, you won’t need to procrastinate or stress about writer’s block. You’ll just pull out a slip of paper and use the line to get started. Easy!

(These starting lines were written with legacy gift donors in mind, but most of them will work for any type of donor.)

Remember: effective donor thank yous are prompt and personal. These starting lines will help your thank you letter be both.

If you just don’t have the time and need to hire a writer to handle your legacy donor thank yous, let’s talk. You can contact me here.